[PC] RRU launcher issue


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Hey there sirs. That's the question. Steam version of RRU has that launcher. Is there any way to skip it? (it breaks Big Picture flow - I need to use mouse to click one button, while the game itself has full controller support). So basically when I launch it - I get up from couch, go to PC, turn on display, click single button, turn off display, go to couch and sit back. I don't need to configure the game EVERY time I launch it (obviously. Who's idea was that?)
I've asked Namco support and they said it there is no fix and go F yourself. Bugbear clearly stated that they don't offer any support because go F yourself. I know how the business work but that's plain dumb - support on game is offered by people who didn't make it and this can't tell a thing other than stuff everyone else knows without their help. So basically any solution from Namco (not RRU, but any other game too) - to go F yourself.

So I registered here in hope some Bugbear dev will come around and help me. Some people are proud of their work, it's not just about business and money, is it?

The game is build on the same engine as Flatout 2, which had command line param for launcher. Maybe there is any known workaround? Or maybe even HEX-edit fix to get rid of that damn launcher. It can't be really hard to remove actually, should be 15 min of work. And it will allow me to actually play it.

Thanks in advance, good sirs, have a nice destruction at Next Car Game (which is ridiculously overpriced on steam in my region for some reason, so I sadly had to wait a long time until steam sales after release).