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This isn't your average oval! Pitfault is an oval that splits into two, and what's more, is that there's two massive pits at each oval's center. This abandoned underground tunnel - lit by icy blue lights - once served a purpose, but now, they are the roads for your raging engines.

3 Layouts:

Main Course:

The pits are open, unblocked, and ready to bring a swift end to your race. When the roads merge, be careful, or else you'll go careening off the edge!

Safety Gates:

The gates are down, keeping your car on the track. There's still room for chaos even without the threat of a massive drop, so this makes for a perfect balance between wrecking and racing.

Deep Depth's Derby:

Down at the bottom, there's two massive rooms, a narrow hallway connecting the two, and tons of towering support beams, making it the perfect place to crush some chrome! Find your way through the darkness, and you may just win.

Custom weather
This track features two custom weathers. Will you use clear weather to see every dent on your car as you tumble down to the bottom, or will you let the foggy weather swallow you as you dive into the unknown?

Credits and special thanks
texturelib.com - Wall texture
The Very End

Known issues:
- Ai doesn't navigate the derby layout too well
- Lights will rarely flicker or turn off.

Download it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1493245547

Let me know what you think!

The Very End

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Great stuff! So happy to see more people doing tracks. Being more meaning we have more people to bounch ideas back and forth, while at same time reaching a broader audience. It is simply impossible to make something for everyone, but being more increased the likelyhood that we can cover bigger grounds of track types :)


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Thanks TVE. Wreckfest wouldn't be the same without mods, so the more the merrier! :)

New Update!

Extreme Update:
- New layout: Pitfault Extreme
+ Adds several ramps and pillars around the track
- New weather: Electric Mist
- Made the door on the main floor larger