PS4 Controller layouts PLEASE!!!


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is it really that hard to give us an option for classic throttle and brake controls (X and square)
some of us are old enough we have been gaming with that control layout for 20+ years, changing to arcadey xbox style controls is EXTREMELY annoying.
MOST driving games anymore give us an infinitely customizable layout menu. Anychance this could happen?

PS would it help if I mentioned I was such a flat out junkie I continued purchasing replacement playstation 2 consoles untill 2018 exclusively to continue playing Flat Out


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Sounds good to me. I'm all about having options. I wouldn't mind being able to change the e brake to a location more practical to me.


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I agree, more options is better! Personally, I have gotten used to this layout and have been using similar in other games as well now. Using square and cross for switching gears is actually very good.

I just seem to go for L1 for clutch recently :D Right analog stick down is already look back, why do we need another button for the same functionality? Please make it a clutch :]


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Some layouts are "broken", you can't use free cam in replay mode with them!
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