Qualifier #2 : Sign Up Sheet : Fall Brawl Team Smash Series


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-twitch.tv/TheMoKrazy -
Drop a follow to catch it live and follow along!
-Sign up With a Full team of 4 no later than Oct. 31st at 11:59PM Central USA-
-Captain's meeting Nov. 1st @7pm-
-Tournament Nov. 8th @5pm-
1) READ THE INFO SHEET FIRST! @ 2) Only Captains with a full team of 4 are to sign up. No partial teams!
3) You must sign up with your steam name that you'll be using for the event and the name you have at time of sign up! Keep it appropriate for all audiences! (Feel free to send me a PM in this forum with a link to your steam profile)
4) Sign up with a unique 2 tone or solid color. You will be required to designate your secondary color scheme by the time of the captain's meeting. Don't pick a color scheme that you already see signed up here.

If you follow those simple instructions your sign up should look like the following example:

Team Name and (abbv): The Krazies [TKZ] (You must run the abbv. in front of your steam name)
Team colors: 1 or 2 good colors/ Alt: 1 or 2 good colors that aren't part of my primary 1 or 2 good colors.
1) [TKZ] Mo Krazy (C/Captain)
2) [TKZ] A Race Official
3) [TKZ] The Wall
4) [TKZ] Pace Laps

Please only captains with a full team of 4 signing up as described below!
And once again, questions can be sent toward the info sheet https://bit.ly/2SY06tZ
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Team Name: The Destruction Team Mates (TDTM)
Team Colours: Black/pink (alternate british racing green/white)
Captain: Sir_Zippy
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Major Impact

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Team Name and (abbv): WreckMasters (WM)
Team Colors: All BLACK (alt colors = All GREY)
Captain: < MAJOR IMPACT >
1st Gear -- Mr. Bass Coprolite
2nd Gear - Zalesky
3rd Gear – Hard2BeatUs