Release of the sources of Flatout1-ROMU engine possible?


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Hi Bugbear,

I'm a huge fan of the Flatout-Series and Wreckfest
but also interested in the design and architecture of game-engines since i'm a software developer myself.
Since Flatout 1 is now 10 years old I would like to see a release of the sources of the Flatout1-ROMU-Engine.
As id Software did it with their old id Tech engines.
Would it be technically and legally possible?

Greetings TheGeckoXX

Lari Fari

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As far as I know BB does not hold the rights to FO 1 and 2 and therefor cannot release anything related to it.


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Is the inhouse-engine related to name 'Flatout'?
It's not about the content like cars/tracks/music, just the ROMU-Engine used in Flatout 1.
But I have no idea how the exact legal situation is. ;)


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Well AFAIK, ROMU was only recently created. I think Ridge Racer Unbounded used it, and now Wreckfest; Flatouts never had it. I think.