Reporting cheaters / room wreckers


I wonder if there is any dev support against a certain group of players on the ps4 who regularly wreck races and rooms once they lose or can't match skill level?

A certain group will stalk rooms with (reverse disabled) then pick Big Rigs to destroy all other cars, then force players to wait as they act like complete morons draining the time limiter, then as you wait to exact revenge they quit out and look for more victims.

I have names and screen shots of this naughty behaviour, I'm all for a laugh but it's getting more frequent and starting to take the biscuit.


Until the Doomrig gets classified as a special or something, and can be restricted by server hosts/admins, the best way to deal with trolls like that is to fight fire with fire. Gather up a crew of Doom Killers and kick their asses. Just my two cents.


That wouldn't cure the problem. We had a group with heavily armoured Grand Dukes going the wrong way around the track and ruining the races for everyone.

Maybe have an option in the server to prevent people from driving the wrong way around the track (like their car flickers and cannot contact other cars).

Another possibility is an option that only cars on the same lap as you can damage you.

Leave them as options so people who like that stuff can have it (maybe have a 'no rules' server).


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Janne was talking about ghosting car the other week in Discord, if going backwards on the track if reverse limiter is set to ON. Might see this in the new update coming this week.


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I'm gonna use this thread, as I have run into the same/similar problem.

I play on the set servers and I get people constantly wanting to kick me out, because I'm winning or just better than them.

I literally just got kicked by 8 other people. When I did absolutely nothing wrong, apart from play the game. At the beginning, I came into the lobby, won the first race and they tried kicking me straight after. Not enough that time, but shortly after, enough voted to kick me. Like that's just ridiculous.

In the races they will gang up on me, just to wreck my race or me take me out. They will even stop and wait till I come back round on the next lap, to try and take me out.

Why is there a kick option on the set servers? Its literally pointless me carrying on trying to play this game. Can't even report these people either.

Thus I wont be playing it again.

Edit: On Xbox.


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This is why we need 16 player private servers, i still cant get my head around why this isnt so. I mean do the devs even read this forum ? from what I can see its just complete silence from them, great customer service :rolleyes:
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I have exactly the same experiences as @Exalibur: you won too many times and then start votekicking, wrecking out by group of them. And yes, they are waiting till next round. In the lobby, they then incite an agenda that cheats in the game.

Ghostcar idea is nice when reverse racing limiter is on and I hope it comes soon. And there should be a value on dedicated server to disable /votekick. Often, those who use it are precisely these individuals who interfere with another’s gameplay.

When a server is then joined by a player who knowingly violates the server's rules or acts in an unsportsmanlike manner, players may report such a person to the server's Discord channel, if the server has one. This allows the server administrators to set this to the player's ban list.

(The Discord channel is otherwise necessary for the server, as there is no other way to tell the server mods today, if the server has any. Server welcome text is not working after this new version (when the game was modified to be console compatible)).


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I actually recorded the final minute of them voting to kick me, just so I could check back to see who these clowns were.

There's also other problems, like the frame rate dropping so much. Sometimes the game starts and you're still shown as being in the lobby, then all of a sudden you're in the game and dead last... with so much screen stuttering. (Xbox One X).

I'm actually still fairly new to the game and I don't think the online section is clear enough with actual rules/etiquette. Like the game is called "Wreckfest", does that mean everyone can take each other out during races? Do you race dirty?

The problem with any of that, is its literally impossible to win anything if that's the case and especially once people recognise your name. You either get taken out by a group of them or kicked out anyway.

Which brings back to my earlier point, there's literally no reason for me to continue playing.

A note on ghost/car mode idea, Forza Horizon has this for like 30 seconds if I remember correctly at the start of the game and its still pretty useless. I stopped playing that, as I got fed up of being taken out on purpose.

I feel like this game has huge potential too. However I see it dropping back and being wasted like most do.


What we need is a way to keep the people who just want to wreck other people separate from those who want to race.

Maybe separate "racing" and "no rules" servers?