Reporting cheaters / room wreckers


I wonder if there is any dev support against a certain group of players on the ps4 who regularly wreck races and rooms once they lose or can't match skill level?

A certain group will stalk rooms with (reverse disabled) then pick Big Rigs to destroy all other cars, then force players to wait as they act like complete morons draining the time limiter, then as you wait to exact revenge they quit out and look for more victims.

I have names and screen shots of this naughty behaviour, I'm all for a laugh but it's getting more frequent and starting to take the biscuit.


Until the Doomrig gets classified as a special or something, and can be restricted by server hosts/admins, the best way to deal with trolls like that is to fight fire with fire. Gather up a crew of Doom Killers and kick their asses. Just my two cents.


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That wouldn't cure the problem. We had a group with heavily armoured Grand Dukes going the wrong way around the track and ruining the races for everyone.

Maybe have an option in the server to prevent people from driving the wrong way around the track (like their car flickers and cannot contact other cars).

Another possibility is an option that only cars on the same lap as you can damage you.

Leave them as options so people who like that stuff can have it (maybe have a 'no rules' server).


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Janne was talking about ghosting car the other week in Discord, if going backwards on the track if reverse limiter is set to ON. Might see this in the new update coming this week.