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Janne Suur-Näkki

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We have very simple rules, and we hope we don't have to expand or enforce them.

1) Bugbear does not and cannot provide technical support for its titles published by someone else; it is the responsibility of the publisher to provide that. However, you are free to bring issues to our attention, but don't count on our ability to act on them. Patching games, especially old games, is not trivial or free.

2) Don't be a jerk. We don't want to write very detailed instructions on how to not be a jerk. Just don't. We're all here to enjoy ourselves and play some games.

2B) Well okay, some tips: don't fight. Don't call names. Don't badmouth our publishers (we love our publishers!). If you wouldn't do it with your mother present, it's probably a bad idea.

3) Don't do anything illegal. Don't post links or discuss pirated software.

4) No pornography or violence. You may discuss games and movies freely, though. If it's okay in Hollywood, it's probably okay in here, too.

5) You don't get to complain about administrator or moderator calls. They're final. Sorry. We think you earned it. We like to keep house clean, so offending or unconstructive posts and threads may be deleted without prior warning.

6) At the same time, don't act like you're a moderator if you're not. Let us do the policing.

7) Bugbear employees are identified by their profiles. Their opinions are not those of the company's, unless explicitly said so.
Not open for further replies.