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While working on my Gokart Plus mod, I was in need of some sand piles\ hills for the Sandpit 1 track. I was able to steal some sand piles from Sandpit 2 track map. I put the sand piles into a mod so you can check them out in-game on a barren track map and decide which one(s) ya want to use for your custom track. Here download link:

After unpacking file, drop the \Sand Piles Objects folder under your \mods folder and enable mod to see the sand piles in-game. Here my post on how I got these sand piles:

( do remember you can lower or raise these piles or rotate or angle object if got Stuntfest, 3D Max or Blender. )

Purple44 said:
Tonight I got started on making Sandpit 1 hairpin track a little more dangerous again. If you read the Sandpit 1 has lost it "Flatout spirit" it had before the make over in new June Build! thread, you know I was not happy with Bugbear removing some the hills from Sandpit 1 hairpin track.

If you got out of control around these hills ( or you got some help getting car out of control :p ). your car could end up airborne. And if you like treating the AI roughly, the hills were a good spot to do it!! ;D

For the Gokart Plus mod, I wanted to add some hills back on to the track. Make track a little more dangerous. But were do I get some hills to put on the track? Was thinking of asking a modder to make me some. But last Saturday racing online, I was spectating a race on Sandpit 2 and notice a player jumping off sand piles, and taking a closer look, it look like some them sand piles were objects on the track. :eek:

When I got a chance take a look at Sandpit 2 base file, I did not find any sand pile objects in the subscenes section. Then took a look in the Models section and found 91 sand pile objects. :)

I figure I did not need all 91 sand piles, so I look for sand piles that had x or z of 10 or higher. Found 9 of them. But these objects not in a single object scne file. So how was I going get to use them?

Lucky for me, I had been talking to End and he suggested I delete all the stuff in Models section except the one object I wanted. I had did this already with some of End objects, so was ready try it with the Sandpit 2 track.

After deleting all but 1 sand pile, I needed to change x,y,z on line 3 to 0, so when using object on another track map, object show up where you expect it too. Then do a save and then rename base file to the new object name, sand_piles_v2_007.

When I got all the sand pile objects that I wanted save out as single objects, I loaded them on to my barren Tarmac 2 track map so I could see them and test them with my car.

Now that I got me some sand piles objects to use, I needed to get June version of Sandpit 1 and the sand piles to load in Stuntfest so I could rotate the sand pile objects. Unfortunately, at least 1 the pine trees and 1 the spruce trees was crashing Stuntfrest and then I found out the terrain object was crashing Stuntfest too. :(

So this what I got to load in Stuntfest:

I'm missing a big chunk of track map. But I had enough of the track showing up, I was able to place objects near where I want them and did some fine tweaking in Wreckfest using the in-game free roaming camera.

The sand piles showed up a little on the bushy side in Stuntfest.

Here what the sand piles look like in Wreckfest:

I can tell ya from my testing, all 3 objects will launch your car. :D