Saturday Night Mod(s)


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Another month, time for another Saturday Night Mods night, Nov 9, 2019.

Will be hosting my Gokart Plus mod and Sam's Gokart.

Need these 4 mods and list the mods in this order:

Host server: P44 - Saturday Night Mods

I will be doing a player host, so moving objects work correctly.

Start time: 7:00pm pacific time\ 2:00am GMT start time, 10:00pm eastern, 3:00am London, Sun noon down-under Saturday, Nov 10, 2019 Saturday, Nov 9, 2019

Discord channel:

Here a video of us racing gokarts:

Be sure to pick some custom skins for the cars you will be using ( for large car and a small car races and the 3-wheeler ( now back in Gokart Plus mod thanks too ctolliver5 ) ) I updated Vin Petrol NASCAR skins to newer versions and added a few more of Vin's NASCAR skins to both Rammers and both Roadslayer cars. Zeb got a new Ghostbusters skin for the Warwagon and tonza going let me add his hulk skin for the Killerbees :)

May need lower Steering Sensitivity when we switch to the gokart. Gokart steering can be to touchy.

I will be updating my Gokart Plus mod come Thursday or Friday.


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Gokart Plus mod updated today:

* Fix a few missing texture issues with new WF update and fix some guardrails that did not have a solid collision wall.

See you guys Saturday. :) Be sure get some practice in with the gokart and pick some custom skins for the cars you think you will use.