Screen permanently freezes when tabbing out whilst loading


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So yeah, this is a thing that happens quite often to me.

Start the game up, get the loading splash screen, see the % go up etc.

Now sometimes if I tab out during that loading screen, it gets permanently stuck on my monitor. Seems to be at about 70-80% to be even more specific.

AT this stage I can't do anything to get rid of it besides powering of my computer with the actual manual power button on the box. I can tab along the already open screens but they wont come up, and I can ctrl-alt-del, but once released it goes back to the stuck splash screen.



Direct quote from Wreckfest Discord by Purple44:

Found a fun little hack in case you accidentally alt-tab out of Wreckfest while it is loading and it freezes. Make sure to set your Task Manager to Always on Top. Then if Wreckfest freezes on you, instead of rebooting your whole computer, you can press 'Ctrl+Shift+Esc' to bring up the task manager and end the Wreckfest Process. If the game is already froze up, and you forgot to set Task Manager as Always on Top, it's easy to do so while you can't see it as well. While the game is frozen, press 'Ctrl+Shift+Esc' and then press 'Alt+O' which will open the options menu. From there just press 'Enter' and it will check the option to have Task Manager Always on Top and you'll be able to see it in front of Wreckfest.

My hint is to set up the game running full windowed mode. And 2nd hint: do not Alt - Tabbing when game is loading. ;-)