Simbin switching from sim to simcade for GTR3


There was an announcement that Simbin is switching from sims to "simcade" for GTR3.

I haven't heard many details yet. I'm betting that they won't make it too arcade. I'll probably check it out. Only if they include some older production cars though. I'm not as big of a fan of modern supercars and formula open wheel cars.

It probably won't be out until 2018.

Didn't the group responsible for GT Legends leave and move over to Shift?

If Simbin made a simcade game with older cars, I'd definitely check it out.

It felt like the physics for GT Legends was slightly different than their other games already, though.


I would imagine they will stick to proper race cars/ series. If I had to guess I would say its main feature will be GT4 and TC class cars. Would love to see a proper GT endurance based game. Imagine it will include WTCC as well.


Hmm. Now the plan seems to be (if I understand correctly) that the PC version will be quite different from the console versions.

The PC version will be more sim-like and the console version will be more "simcade". Unless they are including modes for both versions with each game. It doesn't sound that way though.