Smokey and the Bandit TransAm skin for the Roadslayer GT


I wanna change it already. I think it's too shiny. I didn't use any damage and think it would fit better with the bumps and bruises like the other cars.


It's not the shine that I don't like. It that it doesn't look damaged after being squeezed by other cars multiple times. It still looked to smooth and felt the damage looks better.

I did change the shine on it tho. I did it like the showroom models at first but didn't like how tinnie it looked with other colors. So I changed the specular maps and got it to shine like the default vehicles. I think it looks a lot better because the colors looked wrong before. Now they look correct.


Master Blaster
so you made a damaged skinxx_damaged_c5.bmap file? that file shows up after the car takes hits.

Oh. I see. The bird does look irridescent in that top picture.