Steel and wheel DLC not showing up in game.


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I purchased this dlc yesterday. It's installed. But none of the items are showing up in the game. It's on steam on PC. So, getting no response from Bugbear Support. I know this has been an issue for people but I have yet to se a fix. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice and still no dlc. Can anyone help please? I am hesitant to purchase any more dlc until this is fixed. I just reinstalled and, nothing again. Thanks for any help!
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So you do see the Steel and Wheels pack with a check when you check the DLC page under Properties?



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Try this test, see if it a save file issue:

Try renaming the \wreckfest save folder to something like \wreckfest-test. This should make Wreckfest make a new folder with new save files.


If don't know where your Steam is installed, you can right click on Steam shortcut, go properties. Will show where Steam at on your hard drive.

Will need to disable Steam Cloud also:

With fresh new save files, start Wreckfest and see if the DLC tires and extra stuff show up.

If this works, you will be at level 1. So will need to copy over the career.cres file from the \wreckfest-test folder to the main \wreckfest folder. And need to re-enable the Steam cloud and when start WF, will see this popup window:

Select the upload from PC option.