Still on the search for the FlatOut 1 cars that I'm looking for.


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Hey, everyone. It’s great to be back after the forum shut down for that hiatus for maintenance. But I’m sorry for being away for so long even after the forums opened back up. I was so caught up with my own personal life. Anyway, I last talked about that problem to make my game run properly, which was discussed here:

But then I got more advice through this discussion on Steam, and it proved successful:

So now my game works properly; all 3 versions of it. 1 being the default game, and the other 2 are modified versions with the car packs from the links in the first forum.
So now to update you all, I liked how most of the cars in the packs looked cool. However, I’ve grown to not be a big fan of one of them, just because of a couple of things. The 1969 Charger in one of them DOES have a General Lee paintjob, but the couple of things that I disliked about them were how different the paintjob appeared from what I was looking for, and more importantly, the wheels are too big and too wide, which makes the cars more difficult to control, as I found out myself.





I managed to upload some videos of them into my Google Drive, so you can see them more easily.

SO currently, I’m still looking for the particular pack(s) that contain the very cars that you see in the 3 videos below.
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