Hey team, just published the beta the mod I have been working on for the last little while - STOCKFEST

Stockcars are a speedway class that race on 1/4 mile dirt ovals all across New Zealand. Drivers are able to use there vehicles to attack and hit other cars - crashes and rollovers are the norm. Chassis are fabricated from steel pipe and box section - no crumple zones, no soft panelwork, no holds barred.Running gear is restricted to parts scavenged from roadcars to keep the cost down and racing as close as possible. Stockcars are the most populous contact class in NZ, with large numbers racing country wide - the national title usually attracts close to 200 entries.

This mod contains:
The Demon Beta stockcar chassis
Four venues - NZDR Testing Facility, Bloomington, Irwindale Dirt & Paradise Valley Raceway.
Functioning paint shop
Overhauled physics engine
Custom Menu & HUD

Big thanks to:
All the boys that were involved behind the scenes - testing and helping out supplying infomation and parts for modeling.
Freew67 and Dan Huia for supplying the RF version of Paradise Valley for porting
Kade Lee for modelling help and assistance
Sam223 for putting up with constant messages asking for help, cheers mate.
Members of the Wreckfest modding discord and forum

We have setup two dedicated servers to run Stockfest so I hope to see you all on for a burn over the holidays!

Check it out on the steam workshop: