Stuntfest (in Wreckfest)


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Hi End, did you add custom startpoints so 24 cars spawn in the Stuntfest arena?

The Very End

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Yeah. Also changed the white ground to concrete.
You can play the Stunfest inside Wreckfest now :)


I don't think sharing assets/maps online is good idea since stuntfest is sold separately.


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I been talking to Janne this week and asking him if we can get the OK to use Stuntfest objects in our custom Wreckfest tracks and be able to upload mod to Steam Workshop.

Got this PM today:

Janne Suur-Näkki said:
Purple44 said:
About the Stuntfest objects, so to be perfectly clear, for now, we can use Stuntfest objects in out custom tracks for Wreckfest and it OK to uploaded them to Steam Workshop?

With the understanding this policy may change?

"And yes, sorry for being vague in the previous message - sharing content in Workshop mods is totally fine as long as we're the only party involved." ( I added this - no publisher )

So as it stand now, we got the green light to use Stuntfest objects in Wreckfest and Wreckfest object in Stuntfest and upload them to steam Workshop. :D