Suicide Track Pack - Redone


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Suicide Track Pack - Redone has now gone live at Steam Workshop. :D

Big thanks to MarcellusW for the Bugbeer bottles and other Bugbear icons I got use on the tracks. :))

Here the change notes to my Suicide track mod:

Update: Oct 27 @ 2:28pm

Change Notes:

* I spent the last month redoing the Suicide tracks to get them working with final version of Wreckfest.

Suicide Sandpit1 - redone - Sandpit 1 Suicide Hairpin

Suicide BugBeer Run - Had to drop this track, Sandpit 1 track map has change to much.

Suicide Killer Tire - redone - Sandpit 1 Suicide Killer Robbers
******************* The killer tires have been replace with Killer robber head icons.

CanyonX - Oval Whip-Around by x-tremest555 - Had drop X's track, was unstable with final version of Wreckfest. :(

* Sandpit 2 Suicide Loop - New track using Sandpit 2 track map, think Speedway 2 loop track.

* No Prospect - Got permission to add this track from Suicide Alley: No Prospect version mod by FredReset and MarcellusW. Thanks!

* Had redo the normal damage file to get the cars to last a bit longer. You can maybe finish a 3 lap suicide race!

Here a new video of the No Prospect track, using Zeb Halloween mower with Werewolf driver: :D

Here video of the other 3 tracks:



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Today I checkout Daystar updated Mega Skypack 2 - 2018 mod. Pick a few weather maps for my Suicide mod. Thanks Daystar. :D

Blue Voyage
Cloudy Day 2
Daystar :)
Red Space

New weather maps will be in next update.


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Hey that is really cool you added some to your new revised suicide pack! you are indeed welcome Purple!


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Been almost 2 years since I did my last Suicide track. Here some pics and video of my new Mauled Fig8 Suicide track:

Hope to update Suicide mod later this week. Got some missing pink textures to hunt down for the older tracks.