Team Smash Fall Brawl Main Event (INVITE ONLY)


I just like driving.
Main event Date: Sunday, December 6th @5pm Central US
Captain's Meeting: TBD/Sat. Dec 5th?
Sign Up Deadline: Nov. 29th

This is only for the teams that have qualified previously. In order to retain your spot as a qualified team, you must sign up with:

The original captain and at least 1 qualifying non-captain
All 3 original qualifying non-captains..

Please sign up in similar fashion as below with your team name, abbreviation, a solid or 2 tone paint scheme, and an alternate paint scheme with TOTALLY DIFFERENT colors from your primary. Check the example below

Qualified Team [QT]
Main Paint: Good color/Great color Alt paint: A totally different paint job with different color(s)
Mo Krazy (C)
Driver 1
Mosef Brosef
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