The game badly needs official online events with some rewards like badges...

... or icons that will be visible next to player's nickname. Also it would be cool to have some stats like average finishing place, number of wins, looses, how many times you was wrecked, how many kills you commited etc. This also could be shown on car, for example one kill - one yellow star, 10 kills - red star, 154 kills - one big yellow star, 5 red stars and 4 small yellow stars, you got it. The same things with wins and cups instead stars. And player can choose what stats to show on his car.

Also you could sell some unique skins or so, nowadays monetization attract many players if they can sell or buy skins like outfit in PUBG. I know monetization ruins gaming but it can bring some extra attention to not very popular games.

At least think about player stats and its visualisation on a car. Thanks!