Tournament Update: Banger Bash!

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  • New Tournament Season: Banger Bash
  • Two new free tracks: Kingston Raceway and Mudford Motorpark
  • Support for new DLC: Banger Racing Pack
  • AI Players now use DLC vehicles
  • Stability and performance improvements
We're pleased to announce the availability of a new Tournament Season!

It's time to wave a good-bye to time trials, collect your rewards and prep for new events! We've been pretty amazed at how popular our time trials turned out to be, with exciting battle raging for the top rankings all day long and top racers shredding the tracks like there's no tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who participated and big thumbs up if you made it to the rankings!

After challenging yourself in precise driving and outpacing the competition, it's time to change the pace and introduce the theme of the new Tournament Season: Banger Racing! Banging racing themed content is something that many of you have been hoping for, and we thought Tournament Mode would be a perfect opportunity for us to deliver some. So, the monthly event sees you racing on Figure 8 layout of the one of the new tracks, Kingston Raceway, with the goal being to score as much as you can by shelling hits left and right while maintaining a good position in the race. And that's not all - also the weekly events feature something very British: stock car racing! Oh, and the rewards? A tricked-out Banger Racing modification of Panther RS!

And if that's not enough Banger Racing for you, if you're lucky enough to own the Season Pass you have access to three new cars: Sweeper is a midsize racer that is a perfect blend of agility, speed and toughness - a great all-rounder for every type of event, Hearse is a cult classic banger racing car that can both give and take some serious punishment, and Stock Car is a super versatile little rocket that feels right at home on every oval and Figure 8 track!

In other Tournament Mode news, we've now addressed the issue of Fame Point rewards not appearing for the events of the second season. After entering the Tournament Mode all users should now receive their outstanding points retroactively. We're constantly working on improving the gameplay experience otherwise as well. Making the AI to use the DLC vehicles is something that has been often requested, and we're happy to let you know that now AI might use any of the DLC vehicles in custom events, multiplayer and most career events. Not only that, but you can now select "Same As Player" as the AI set while customizing a custom event, which will make the AI use the same vehicle as you have selected. This release contains numerous other improvements and additions. Please find below a complete summary of items fixed or improved below.


Game version

PS4: 1.50
PC: 1.262067

  • Added support for the new DLC: Banger Racing Pack.
  • Added two new tracks: Kingston Raceway (Oval and Figure 8 layouts) and Mudford Motorpark (Oval and Derby layouts).
  • Fixed memory defragmentation issue with AMD display devices that caused severe slowdowns in multiplayer lobby especially on PC.
  • (PS4) Game no longer infrequently crashes after completing a weekly or monthly tournament challenge.
  • (XB1) Save data no longer gets unintendedly overwritten when switching accounts in certain edge cases.
  • (PC) Game now automatically detects input devices even when they're plugged in while the game is running.
  • (PC) Local backup system now correctly backs up previous save data whenever there's a title update.
  • (PC) There's now a 10 second cooldown before trying to match the cloud save data, eliminating bogus conflict messages.
  • (PC) The cloud conflict popup should no longer hide behind the game window.
  • When selecting a vehicle, game now waits slightly longer before actually selecting the vehicle to prevent inadvertent loading from starting when browsing vehicles.
  • Score detection is now more robust, eliminating cases where the player receives no score even though they clearly hit an opponent with enough force.
  • Score is now received based on how much damage the player inflicts to the opponent and not plain momentum.
  • The car is now reset to a certain initial speed and first gear is automatically engaged also in the demolition derby events.
  • In custom events, it's now possible to choose "Same As Player" as the AI Player vehicle, making AI Players use the same vehicle as the player.
    This works even with tournament reward vehicles, making it possible to create for example an all DoomRig race.
  • AI now makes use of DLC vehicles in multiplayer, custom events and most career events.
  • AI now makes use of Gremlin also in Class A.
  • Panels are no longer getting permanently stuck on vehicles but are released correctly after the vehicle has deformed, preventing deform related glitches on panels.
  • Adjusted collision geometry of the concrete barriers to reduce glitching when hitting them especially in multiplayer.
    Note that the collisions are still not perfect but improved nonetheless.
  • Fixed roll cage weights for Grand Duke, Wildking and Little Thrasher.
  • Reduced DoomRig armor protection slightly.
  • Fixed engine flame emitter location of Raiden.
  • Fixed invisible bumps around the middle intersection on Hilltop Figure 8.
  • Tournament rewards are now correctly received when the player has entered tournament event selection screen and the tournament mode has been initialized (you can tell when the player counts appear in the event selection screen, and targets are shown in the tournament details view for monthly and weekly events).
    Rewards from the past challenges are be awarded retroactively and should appear correctly in the "Statistics" tab.
  • Race: Player & AI distance attenuation both adjusted for smoother fade-out at 25 to 100 meter range.
  • Race: Loudness balancing adjustments & EQ settings tweaks for all player vehicles.
  • Bandit, Buggy, Dominator, Gatecrasher, Killerbee, Rocket, Sunrise Super & Wild King: Adjusted idle-to-mid RPM range for slightly louder engine sound (lesser dynamic range).
  • Little Thrasher: Fixed broken soundbank.
  • Roadslayer: Fixed DSP settings and loudness calibration issues.
  • Optimized DSP effect usage of all player vehicles for a lesser CPU load.
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Outstanding the amount of detail that has been added and im glad to see the doomrig got a nerf

Only little niggle I have is the fact we can't fully remove the hearse grill
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I've downloaded everything, but I didn't have any time to play before heading to work. I'm looking forward to firing up my XBox this afternoon.


Wow, what a stunning update and DLC set!

A hearse and a dirt oval stock have been my two top dream cars from day one. The other new car is also a great surprise.

The new tracks are also incredible. I really love these.

Additions like Same Vehicle and all the other fixes and new features are really great.

The new tournament style is also great fun.


hi My name is.

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I like the new cars. especialy the hearse and the sweeper.
What I dislike is the fact that in costum games supervan can not be choosen anymore.
Hope that can be fixed soon.

Idea: add an extra option in thesection where player can choose the opponent.
choose first the class of the car and then the type(s) of cars that are allowed to enter.

That would help big time.

And more gameplays. I like the mission in the tournament to be in costum game as well.
it's difficult, but fun to play.


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Couple of issues I've noticed.
1. Hearse rear end barely takes any damage, it seems to just dent a fraction even after a few heavy shots to the rear. Thats with normal damage, intense n realistic make it squash only a tiny bit more.
2. Kingston clockwise we're unable to select it in private servers (xbox) every time we select the anti clockwise version always get selected.

So far so good the doomrig isn't as unstoppable now :)

Sweeper needs a engine power buff it feels so slow when fully upgraded.
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Nice, new tracks!
Now i just need to know all new track id's (track names on server side) , so that i can add those to my servers map rotation.


Best update this year! I don't know why but since you introduced the first tournament update in april the game felt weird, cars somehow felt glued to the ground, collisions felt weaker, visual damage wasnt right, overall experience was not as it used to be. (Speaking about banger race mode).

But with this update everything i mentioned got fixed, its a blast again! The awesome dynamic physics are back that we all love, cars roll over again if you hit them hard enough, visual dmg is great again and high speed collisions have that powerful punch to them. Love it:D


A minor nit-pick;
the pre-race screen for the Kingston oval says it's 100% dirt, when it's really 100% asphalt.

BTW - What you Brits call "stock cars" we Americans call "sprint cars" or "outlaws". What we call "stock cars" you guys call "bangers".
Thank you so much for the new update and improvements Bugbear. Your work is astounding and I am so happy that you continue to expand this amazing game.