Tournament Update: Wasteland Wreckers!

Janne Suur-Näkki

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  • New tournament: Wasteland Wreckers
  • New free tournament reward vehicle: Battle Bus
  • Engine upgrades for many special vehicles
  • Handling improvements for special vehicles
  • Stability and quality of life enhancements

We're pleased to announce the availability of a new tournament!

After the thrilling high-speed pursuits of the out-going Getaway Heat, it's time to change gears and start shelling some serious hits again! This time we're inviting you to join us on derelict Rockfield Roughspot on which you're going to be the main star of a gladiator battle and face off with badass wrecking crew. For that, a new tool of destruction is waiting for you: Battle Bus! Armored to the teeth and equipped with a massive plow, this thing will demolish absolutely everything in its path. Your mission: destroy the oncoming marauders, wreck your way to the top of the rankings and claim your own Battle Bus. The monthly events are no slouch either, challenging you to cause as much chaos as possible using the Bandit Ripper on selected tracks. Who will be the toughest wrecker this time around? Time to find out!

Apart from the new tournament, this release also contains numerous other neat additions. First of all, we've added engine upgrades for many special vehicles as well as tweaked their handling, so if up until now you've thought something like School Bus is too slow and boring for you make sure to check it out now! We've also expanded the AI Sets, so now it's possible to, for example, arrange a custom event against a random mix of normal cars and special vehicles. It might get crazy yes, so please don't tell us we didn't warn you. Other things worth cherry-picking from the release notes is fixes to player inventory handling, removing bogus duplicates and making sure player can doesn't appear ineligible for no reason, damage from wheel hub collisions now yielding score to the attacker, leaderboard update improvements, and more. We invite you to review the summary of items fixed or improved below for full details.

Happy wrecking!


Game version

PS4: 1.70

  • Fixed a rare case in which game might have crashed during race start.
  • Duplicate upgrades are now removed from the player inventory when detected.
  • Vehicle ambient occlusion now looks more correct, and is more prominent as well.
  • (XB1) Changing profile when the previous profile was still loading no longer results in the profile data of the first profile being overwritten.
  • (XB1) Title no longer crashes when attempting to change the profile in specific situation.
  • (XB1) Selected resolution is now saved correctly.
  • (XB1) Audio settings are now saved correctly.
  • (XB1) All tracks now have leaderboards.
  • New tournament season: Wasteland Wreckers.
  • New free tournament reward vehicle: Battle Bus.
  • Leaderboards are now updated in a more timely manner in the results screen.
    Please note that on consoles the leaderboard update can take up to five minutes.
  • In the event details, “Updating...” notification is now displayed while leaderboards are being updated.
  • Added a warning notification when trying to install a part that is incompatible with one or more already installed parts.
  • HUD no longer contains overlapping bogus elements when starting a custom event after playing a tournament event.
  • Player vehicle no longer occasionally appears “ineligible” for no reason after attempting to change the paint.
  • A failed join attempt is now correctly aborted and the game no longer goes into infinite lockup.
  • Event rotation no longer gets stuck when moderator, admin or host has an ineligible car selected when loading the next event.
  • (PC) Server no longer loads a wrong event after too many tracks are enabled on the server.
  • (PC) Event list is no longer truncated after a certain number of events is displayed.
  • Damage from wheel hub collisions is now correctly attributed to the attacker, eliminating the issue in which no score was awarded to the player.
  • Steel armcos are now more realistic in the sense that they are less sticky, yet they slow down more to prevent wallriding.
  • Improved the handling of Bugzilla, Lawnmower, School Bus, Sofa Car and Supervan.
  • Improved Sweeper, Bullet, KillerPig AI Player handling so they do a better job at staying on the track.
  • Added Class B and Class A engine upgrades for Doubledecker, Lawnmower, Schoolbus, Sofa Car, Supervan.
  • Added Class C and Class B engine upgrades for Bugzilla.
  • Added more AI Player paint schemes for Bandit, Bandit Ripper, Buggy, DragSlayer, KillerPig, Rammer RS, and WarDigger.
  • Added "Random Small Special" AI Set for custom events, containing only small special vehicles.
  • Added "Random" AI Set for custom events, containing all vehicles including special.
    Please note that some of the existing AI Sets were renamed for consistency.
  • Fixed a number of AI Players not appearing in Class A events even though they should have.
  • Fixed a case in which a number of AI Players might have had textures missing during a career event.
  • Improved KillerPig cockpit and chase cameras.
  • Improved Bandit Ripper chase camera.
  • Fixed glitchy Hellvester visual damage.
  • Increased ragdoll eject threshold slightly for normal damage (takes more force to eject the ragdoll).
  • Fixed a case in which it was possible to miss the checkpoint in the hairpin on Pinehills Short.
  • On Crash Canyon and Rockspot Roughfield, the vehicle is no longer reset on top of the embankments.
  • DragSlayer, Honey Pot, Bugzilla, Pocket Rocket and Wardigger (AI vehicles): Fixed misconfiguration of real-time doppler effect automation.
  • DragSlayer: Fixed broken audio assets.
  • Harvester, School Bus, Venom & Wardigger (Player vehicles): Increased RPM safety limit to prevent sound from randomly cutting off upon partial loss of wheel contact or when redlining the engine while vehicle momentum is increased by exterior forces.
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  • Added "Random Small Special" AI Set for custom events, containing only small special vehicles.
  • Added "Random" AI Set for custom events, containing all vehicles including special.
Great improvment of the game! Thumbs up!


and like always, no fix about old UI bugs, I guess they will stay forever. And still no way to know information about track before a race..

Toby Danger

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Thank you so much guys! The added AI options for custom events are something I've been hoping for for a while.
Though, would it be possible to add an option for just large Special vehicles, excluding the small ones?

I also wanted to ask about the Bandit Ripper. Since it's available for use in one of the Weekly Challenges in Tournament mode, does this mean the car will become available for use in the main game at a later date?