Thanks, not as great as your 49 layouts in even less time. 8)
Maybe I can make some new tracks for this mod, now that BB did their asset restructure thing... Oh no, gotta repair 8-o-Rama first. Aargh :p

The Very End

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Well, a lot of the first tracks I created was rather ... bad, so many of the layouts are not really that good. I enjoyed the clusterfuk that happens on your crossover tracks :D

Janne Suur-Näkki

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Nice work, glad to hear you got everything sorted out. I'm definitely going to give your mod a spin with the new build, should be even better than before.


New Track out now :) My version of the 'bowen knot' aka 'looped square' aka 'Apple command key'.
. Four loops with four crossovers. Probably the deadliest one so far for Trackfest. As usual with quite a few gameplay props to drive through and crash into. 2 variants. Have fun and a nice weekend everyone.