Trick to Daily challenge Supervan vs big rig? (PS4)


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Is there a trick to the Supervan vs bigrig challenge I'm not aware of? The supervan isn't fast enough to stay ahead of them and I usually end up getting totalled as they pass. I thought about pulling off the track and letting them wreck each other, but I didn't thing enough would wreck that I could get a trophy.


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Not on ps4, but I doubt there's much difference.
A pretty obvious tip is drive fast and when the trucks are far use all the space on bends you can to keep speed maximized.
When trucks are close use inner portion of the track, but careful on the last bend because they need to cut it to keep speed, and that's why they'll crash a lot there.

Letting them pass works once or maybe twice when you're in first positions, a little luck and they'll crash.

Plus, rear view and map are your only friends and this is one of the few races I've done with chase-far view.
Last but not least I suck therefore ignore me. :p



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I was leading for the entire race until i flipped the damn thing on some debris in the next to last corner of the last lap.Still got silver though...It's not impossible to keep ahead and the further you get into the race,the easier it gets because you're more likely to avoid the crashed trucks than the remaining trucks themselves are able to.
So i guess the trick is to stay in the lead for at least a couple of laps.
Using the handbrake in the sharpest turn has helped as well...


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I was finally able to finish well enough to get a bronze trophy. I never was able to keep the lead for very long. When one got close I let them pass before they could ram me.


I got gold after 3 tries. The correct line will allow you to stay in the throttle through the entire track. I did end up having to carefully move a rig out of the way on the last lap as it was trying to pass. Watch the rigs and their line and do the same thing. The supervan has enough strength to do small and carefully executed front end hits that will disrupt the rigs enough to stay in the lead, and not dnf you.