trouble with steam downloads


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Please help I have downloaded and subscribed to the tracks and mods I wanted put where did they download to my wreckfest game is on drive h and steam is on drive c but still can not find anything please help anybody


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The Workshop folder should be where Steam is installed on your computer:


The 228380 is Wreckfest Steam number.

Why looking for the Workshop folder? If want to load a mod or 2, go into Mods menu, will see the list of mods you have, click the mod you want to enable, then hit Esc key, Wreckfest will restart with the mod(s) you clicked.

Some old mods, some mods don't play well together, can crash Wreckfest or cause weird things to happen. May need to test mods, one at a time, to make sure they work, before mixing mods with other mods. Some Mods need to be listed in the correct order, like my track mods.

Janne Suur-Näkki

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Since you used Steam Workshop, the download location doesn't matter since they game will find them anyhow.

Just make sure to enable the mod(s) in the mod manager like suggested by Purple above.