Turning Bronze into Gold

digging out that thread again 8)

3 days ago i started a new blocker profile now with easy handling. bronze easy as always, in silver the fairgrass cup was a tough one and i upgraded a lot for it, rest of silver was not hard.

but i did it in 3rd with no or almost no upgrades, so i could move on to the easy snow and hayville maps in gold.

i got it to win almost every race with only both tier1 engine upgrades (and none of the tierless), but everything else upgraded.
only tracks i couldn't do with that were fairgrass challenge and bay challenge (yes i got finchley challenge with that car), where speed just wasn't enough to keep the others behind.
got bay challenge in the first successful start (leading after turn 2) straight to the win
fairgrass challenge needed a bit more love but with the nitro from under the bridge i got it after few tries to reach to the top in first lap and defend until finish.
so basically i did the "turning bronze into gold challenge" in three days with normal handling while i still can't get it on professional with the same car since half a year...

talking about bay cup:
i got third with no upgrades now using nitro but no cuts. rubberbanding held all opponents close to me so i just tried to collect full nitro in the first three laps and use the full bar at lap 4 at three locations: before and after shicane and right after hairpin. worked to get third place, with hundreds of tries maybe first but i preferred a little upgrade then.

so all i can say about this challenge (with blocker) is that it is waaaaay easier with normal handling as the AI won't just kick you off track due to your low weight. i even was able to push katie's bonecracker in the wall several times or keep my line when she came om the inside :eek:


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Hello all, this is Maurizio from Rome, Italy.

I regularly race Bronze Class cars to victory in all three levels.

I generally race Bronze in the car's standard configuration.
Engine and transmission upgrades are really not required, but chassis and tires should be upgraded to the max, asap.

Once in Silver Class, I give the car a "Stage 1", i.e. max upgrades in chassis and tires, and 1st step in engine, transmission and exhaust.
More often than not the Stage 1 is sufficient for all Silver tracks save for the two racewaysm which require a Stage 2.
Gold requires Stage 3, with the two racetrakcks often demanding the turbocharger as well.

It's hard, but it's feasible.


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I did it with Grinder. By me its better. Bullet has too much weight. Grinder takes corners easily and you dont have to tap on brake like crazy. Btw i tried it with Pepper. That tiny car was flipping every time someone hit me just a little bit harder.