Tyre Physics Change

St. Jimmy

Full time wrecker
I've been sometimes wondering how I could get some data and changes for Wreckfest driving physics. It kind of feels off and when going outside of the road on grass etc. there's not much of a penalty.

I now found out through rFactor 2 that there are some same values in their tire and surface physics files that the Wreckfest has. So I started to apply tire physics from rFactor 2 Skip Barber car into Wreckfest.

In rFactor 2 tyre physics are in .tgm files and some surface physics are in .tdf files. I've made excel file where you can see how I came up with some values https://drive.google.com/file/d/10ggTn7n4VoGLVMlmslv2DrR6XHHvtGYI/view

SPECIAL CARS AREN'T YET CONFIGURED. FWD cars could be too good...

I recommend testing in Espedalen when going on grass how much it punishes. Normally people abuse the track limits in that track a lot. Maybe this could help with that.
Naturally all the physics are different from what the game has currently. So don't expect driving everything the same way as normally. There's more defference between tarmac and gravel.

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