Update for Rusty Rats Car Pack DLC now available


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I think there's a some sort of misunderstanding here. The delay was added to digital clutch only (i.e. clutch mapped to a controller button), meaning that in case you use the pedal (analog input) there is no difference at all and the speed at which you can shift is only limited by the speed of your foot and hand. The change was done because you could abuse the digital clutch it by shifting in a fraction of a second, making it very unfair towards those using a pedal.

Neat setup, by the way!
Thank you for taking the time to reply...I personally I have not noticed a difference and thought it was something that was going to be implemented later...so it's great to know all is the same and I still have a slight edge on the Controller racers...LOL
Keep up the great work and my Rig set up works perfectly in Wreckfest....it's awesome...lol
Great DLC, just wish we could take the lights and glass out of the vandal
It absolutely should at least be an option to remove the side glass and ideally the rear window. In North America glass windshields were quite common on both Oval Track cars and Demo cars in SOME areas. (i.e. PNW, California and NE, much LESS common in Utah, Mid West and South) Taillights were also common at SOME Demos and Enduros as well. Also, when you replace the windshield with window bars the rear glass remains which is VERY unrealistic. A rear window bar option would be cool as a lot of real world Demo cars look quite cool with them.