Vehicles ideas (photothread)


Rule #1 - no cheat vehicles like Canyon. Everything must be balanced in single/multiplayer.
Rule #2 - you can choose the classes (example: Derby+Street, Street+Race, Bonus vehicles off)

*wait for updates*


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How is Canyon cheat vehicle?

I want this car in the game: Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86

PLEASE! ;D (of course not with real name but looks same)


For racing, that would be a good car, I agree RB.

A 2006 Ford Crown Victoria. All rigged up with 4 into 1 headers, and Mewe's badass roof sign. I believe he is running a 318 Small Block Mopar with a Holley Carb and a high-end cam shaft. Notice the roll cage :)
Edit: It may seem that the headers are bent... They are lol, he decided to load it on the trailer using his skidsteer... He dropped it on it's side and the headers hit the trailer

This black and orange truck is a combination of trucks lol. Old Chev framewith a Mopar engine and dodge undercarriage/fbody.
Edit: I mixed it up, the truck is a chevy body on top of a dodge frame powered by a mopar engine.


Chevy Suburban derby truck anyone? This is the guy who drove the crown vic in the above pictures.


fuk tha mods #yolo #smdmajatek
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So far for cars, we have a GM F-body (looks to be an odd combination of '67-'68 and early 2nd gen('70-'73) Firebird) and a Fiat 850.
We need landyachts, lots of 'em. ;D


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Chevy Suburban derby truck sound good to me. I would like to see a station wagon.



A 1969 Plymouth GTX would do very nicely in the game. It's my one of my favorite muscle cars of all-time!

This picture is just a taste of what kind of derby car it could potentially be. :D


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If including classic cars, it'd be fun to see a Chevy Vega in there. Reminds me of the pepper/chilli.
I'm into the smaller cars, so I also would like to include a Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta.



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I like the vega, but no one derbys a ferrari. Needs to have compacts like luminas, pacers, gremlins, hornets, pintos, volvos, berrettas, etc.
Fullsize like impalas, newports, new yorkers, big station wagons like a roundback chevy wagon, etc.


ExxionNexxion said:
ehh... lol
but the point is that the ferrari is quicker..
If Bugbear were to put any Ferrari-like car in the game, they'd probably be sued for all of the money to their name. Ferrari is so over-protective of their cars, you can't even repaint one. Even if you paid in full for it. You think Ferrari would be okay with that?

I know it's not licensed, but it's Ferrari for crying out loud! :p