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I think the game could use some smaller 80's and 90's era American cars. There's plenty of big American brutes in the game and it would be cool to see some smaller, more modern ones.

Chrysler New Yorker - A clapped-out New Yorker with the classic rear-end sag would be a good C-class contender.


Foxbody Mustang - Not even a V8 or anything, 90 hp four-banger all the way.1573981745747.png

Ford Falcon & Holden Commodore - Not American, but these are go-to cars for derbies in Australia and New Zealand. Bonus points for ute versions. Might need some creative visual upgrades to distract from the overall boring looks though.

Ford Lazer Tx3 Turbo 4WD - Always loved these.

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I've recently gotten into the game, and I just wanted to throw in a few ideas for cars I'd love to see included in the future.

Part 1: Standard Bangers

Ford Galaxy 1997
I'm kinda surprised we haven't seen a family minivan in the game already, considering they're regular picks at real banger races.


Lada Niva

Lada Niva

Ford Scorpio 1998
One of the ugliest cars to ever exist, and one that deserves to be wrecked. (And does appear in actual banger races)

Pontiac Aztek
Another hideous looking car that would work well in a demolition derby setting

Land Rover Defender

Lancia Beta 1980

Vauxhall/Opel Frontera 1997

Delorean DMC12

Rover CityRover

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Part 2 - Utility Vehicles

These are vehicles usually used in some kind of working capacity, but would work just as well in a racing/demolition derby.

Airport Baggage Tug

Airport Stair Truck

Ice Cream Van

Ford Crown Victoria
A decommissioned police would make a great vehicle for demolition derbys.

I'm surprised there's not a hearse in the game already.

Toyota Hilux


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How about a Bricklin SV1 ? image from 24 hours of lemons, 1970's v8 powered sports car, about 3000 built before the company went under, change the doors too a part of the rollcage so the large roof cage or roof bar can be installed.
Perhaps performance wise set it just around the wildking on stiff suspension & bit less wheelspin on 3rd gear.

And perhaps a Pontiac Bonneville with donk styling ?
Make it squat off the line like the killerbee with the performance of the gatecrasher and have the handling done so it doesn't tip over easily.

Corvair with a jaguar V6 in the front from 24 hours of lemons, make it similar too the hotshot performance wise, maybe like 20 hp or so more.

Also a car like this would be fun, That is a Toyota MR2 with a vw van body somewhat stylized & shortened added on it.

A lowered minitruck of some sort like this chevy s10 i think it said it was ?

Toyota Hilux body dropped onto a mercedes diesel as another example.

A Mini Moke perhaps ? can make it a fwd special that has like 2.5 durability & 160 km/h top speed as A class car
Lemons images ofc.

What an original Mini Moke looks like.

Nash Airflyte 1940's bathtub with a V8 & can probably give it the performance of the Rammer & it wouldn't be that out of place.

Peugeot 404 rwd, wobbly suspension with low power (original motor makes like 68 hp.)


I think the Delorian is definately an iconic vehicle.

If you are interested in an iconic, but absolutely useless in a real race vehicle, how about an old school (like late '60s) VW Bus?


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Heh the Lemons Bricklin is awesome :D

Here´s someone banger racing a Nash, not the same model tho, poor thing :(


Yeah, those Nash's tended to be unibody framed. The driver might have figured that would help. The old Hudsons were also. Earliest Nash's tended to be a little lighter, though.

"Crumple zone? That's in the car I run into!"

Early NASCAR had a few Nash drivers. They sort of got screwed because they weren't allowed to use all of the common upgrade parts. They also had a slight tendency to overheat. There are some neat videos of them bouncing over bumps and ruts at the old Daytona Beach track. One of the top pre-NASCAR drivers was a Nash driver.

Later Chryslers got used for demo derbies for the same reason.

If you want freaky looking cars, old Czech Tatras got used for racing.

(Not a Wreckfest mod. Assetto Corsa)
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If we have cab liveries for the Cardinal and Rammer RS, why not an actual Checker Cab? They used to be quite common iChecker-Cab1.jpgChecker-Cab2.jpgn parts of the US (as well as on TV).