Vehicles ideas (photothread)


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Not sure if will see car & boat races. But I sure hope we see caravan\ trailer races someday in Wreckfest. :)

Pic from 2019.



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Not sure if will see car & boat races. But I sure hope we see caravan\ trailer races someday in Wreckfest. :)
Why not both, in a new game mode? The game mode would take place on a new track or any existing track that has open spaces adjacent to the track, or very wide sections that can be blocked off and used as respawn areas (like a pit lane). Each player selects any tow rig from the list of available rigs, light rigs will be agile and fast but easily pushed around by other players, heavy rigs will be cumbersome to drive but can shrug off hits better. Ofc some tow rigs can be DLC items while other tow rigs can be bought with credits or Tournament Fame points.

Rig ideas:
Little Thrasher + trailer with Boomer RS body shell strapped to it
Wingman + boat trailer with old fashioned wooden sail boat
Dominator + european style caravan trailer
Rammer RS + american "Airstream" style caravan trailer
Gatecrasher + trailer with two jetskis strapped to it side by side
Muddigger + small water tanker trailer
Cardinal + horse trailer (without any horses in it ofc)
Bullet + boat trailer with speedboat
Vandal + mobile diesel generator
Warwagon + utility trailer with wooden boards
Roadslayer GT + utility trailer with toolboxes and spare tyres
El Matador with rockband-style flightcases in the bed + "box" type cargo trailer

Game mechanics:
- You get points for completing a lap.
- You get points for detaching other trailers.
- You need to complete each lap within a set amount of time or you go DNF, this is to discourage blocking.
- You need to drive vaguely in the correct direction or you go DNF, this is to discourage wrong-way driving in the first lap.
- Trailers detach by mechanical force or by tilting more than, let's say, 120 degrees relative to the towing vehicle
- Should your own trailer detach, a non-agressive AI takes over your vehicle and drives it to the nearest despawn area.
- You have a set amount of replacement trailers, you respawn with your replacement trailer at the respective respawn area.
- Should you run out of replacement trailers you go DNF.
- Your trailers have large numbers on the back and sides to indicate to other players how many replacement trailers you have left.


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Rolls Royce:
Could be called Royal, Royale or Grand Royal.

Strength would on par or close to the grand duke seeing as the real car is known to be a tank.


Video: AutoRodeoNL


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Volvo 940
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Rolls shadow
Merc e class
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2ltr saloon stock car Sierra
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