very merry crashathon (event)


new year new problems but a race aint one!
so guys about time we get this rolling, the very end has made 1 of the best mods and its time 2 bring the pain, hosted by our savour john connor on the no cry babies very track pack server
6pm gmt
steam workshop the very track pack mod, download it

event itinerary
so each track is run 2 times, your best finishing place is scored each track. this is so that if u ping out or dnf u get a 2nd chance 2 get a score be careful though, if u dnf twice u will lose points!

realistic damage, 8 second reset

scoring system is
1st place 30 points
2nd place 26 points
3rd place 23 points
4th 21
5th 20

1 point for fastest lap
and -1 for finishing a lap down
and -2 points total for that round if you receive a double dnf

track list
woodhills race way, 4 laps...
rock bottom, 2
high speed, 5
darkar s02 drag, 1
pitstop, 2
derby banked e. big ramp, 10
birkeland, 2
bugbear island, 3
sfs, 2
kristiansand raceway, 4
chalk cayon, 3

should take around 2-2.5 hours, interest? register bellow!