Wild West Motorsports Park (4 Track Variants)


With huge jumps, hairpin turns, steep climbs and sharp descents, Wild West Motorsports Park, located in Sparks, Nevada, houses one of the most unique and fan friendly tracks in the country. The 4 different variants include the full LOORS track, the Mod Kart course, the UTV course, and the super special Tube of Love!


Full Track

Race around the main 1.5 mile course at WWMP! Tons of elevation changes, huge jumps, and blistering speed make this one of the most exciting stages of the LOORS calendar!

Current Issues:
None as far as I can tell?

Mod Kart Track

Mainly used for the significantly smaller Mod Karts, this version of the track takes up, around, and through the middle of the full course. Watch out for the sharp hairpins, otherwise you'll find yourself plowing straight into a wall!

Current Issues:
None as far as I can tell?

UTV Track

This alternate runs backwards compared to the full course, and takes you on a bit of a short trek up into the hills before reconnecting with the main track. The reverse direction jumps feel entirely new, and there's plenty of places to make passes and crash into your rivals!

Current Issues:
None as far as I can tell?

Tube of Love

Take on the Tube of Love! Our mad engineers created a seemless tube following the full WWMP track. The packed tube keeps you nice and close to your fellow competitors! The walls might be a little slick, but don't forget to try bombing into the turns flat out on the walls, or maybe even doing a full loop to pass a rival!

Current Issues:
None as far as I can tell? However, please note that this variant may not play nicely if you have damage set to realistic. Due to the speeds and the banking of the tube, it just shreds your car to pieces, even if you aren't really hitting other cars or crashing. Also, school buses should work, but I haven't tested with the harvester. Also also, I think I got all the bugs where cars spawn outside the tube. If you run into that though, please let me know (and as close as you can, let me know where it happened).

Thanks goes to The Very End, Sam223 and Purple44, and many more for help, inspiration, and encouragment to get me to finish this track.

You can find this mod on the Steam Workshop, located here.