[WIP] Pritchard's Gameplay Overhaul



Pritchard's Gameplay Overhaul - Testing

This is a thread created to share updates to my work-in-progress gameplay overhaul for Wreckfest as it nears "completion". I'm looking for constructive criticism and feedback, as well as suggestions as to what else I should consider changing in the future.

What is "Pritchard's Gameplay Overhaul"?
This creatively-titled mod is a near-total overhaul of the Wreckfest racing experience. Car handling has been totally replaced with one better fitting to my own tastes. I would hesitate to call it a "realism" mod, especially as I didn't pay any consideration to real world data or statistics, but it does represent what feels "right" to me. Here's a brief rundown of the changes:

The AI have been adjusted to provide a more difficult racing challenge. They drive faster and with generally more skill, and focus less on deliberately attacking the player or each other. That said, this mod does not shy away from the fact that this is a game about violent vehicle destruction, and so expect to see plenty of carnage on the track as cars battle for position.
To help facilitate these battles, the original AI sets have been removed entirely. Now your opponents are sorted by nationality. In this test version, the only selections available are the "Open" races, which will include drivers and vehicles from across the entire board of skill and performance. In the future, performance class restrictions will be reintroduced.

The damage model is significantly different. The health system works in a way quite similar to St. Jimmy's wonderful damage mod (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=753629592), in that a vehicle's health bar will not be depleted at all until it is hit in a "critical" sector, and from there will rapidly deplete. But from there, deformation itself has been heavily altered to provide each nationality with a distinct identity. European vehicles crush more easily than their American brethren, especially fragile ones like the Euro 1. On the other hand, American cars can take a beating, but weaker areas such as the sides can be quite vulnerable.
Overall, there is a greater focus on "aesthetic" damage - fenders are more mobile, doors cave in, bumpers trail along the ground behind the vehicles as they drive.

Each nationality enjoys personalized tire models now. What this means is that American cars and European cars will handle in distinctly different manners.
Built for track performance, American cars will typically outperform their more nimble counterparts from across the pond when it comes to tarmac surfaces. Their improved power delivery on such surfaces means that they'll easily pull away from the comparatively underpowered Euros, but in many cases this difference can be made up or even overcome in the corners where the significantly heavier Americans struggle.
This performance differential becomes even more obvious when moving to a gravel surface. Here, their lighter weight and more balanced design means that European vehicles can truly hold their own against the muscle beasts. But with their more fragile construction, can they hold up against the inevitable heavy contact as the Americans slip and slide around the track?

Aside from these larger changes, many smaller tweaks have been made. The Garage of the main menu has been given a sea change, and car cameras have been adjusted to improve visibility. Glass has been removed to make for a shard-free experience. And no doubt many more alterations which I have already lost track of.

Now, this is merely an early test release. The final version of the mod will be available on the steam workshop, with all of the changes finalized (hopefully... this is an early access game, after all). Between here and there however, I am interested in collecting community feedback. Testers should read the "TESTERS README.txt" file included with the download, and take its instructions to heart. Please refrain from using other mods for the time being, but if you do please mention them in any posts. At some point in the future I would like to support other mods (track mods, vehicle mods in particular), but now is not that time.



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I'm busy atm, so I don't have time to test the mod right now. BUT I will test in 2 weeks (working with my school projects). :)