Wrecknado Tournament Update & Reckless Car Pack!

Janne Suur-Näkki

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  • New DLC: Reckless Car Pack
  • New tournament: Wrecknado
  • A new track containing racing and derby layouts
  • New unique tournament reward bundles
We're thrilled to announce a new tournament and the brand new Reckless Car Pack!

For past month, we've been having a whole lot of snowy fun during the Winter Fest tournament, but now it's time to say goodbye to wintry shenanigans and brace yourself - a storm is coming, and not just any storm but Wrecknado, a whirlwind of destruction!

The undisputed star of this tournament is the new track Wrecknado, designed for maximum mayhem and featuring high banked loops that feed the hapless racers into the vortex of destruction in the middle. Your job is to take the new DLC car Gorbie and cause as much as destruction as you can, all while racing for the victory. Awaiting the best wreckers are two new bundles in the Tournament Shop, the "Taxi Wrecker" bundle for Rammer RS and "Drag 55" for Bulldog. Let the wrecking commence!

If you've been itching to get your hands on some new rides, we also have great news for you: the latest DLC "Reckless Car Pack" is now available! This pack expands your garage with three new unique rides, and like always, we got something for everyone here: Gorbie is the offbeat community favorite that's pure fun to drive (check out the epic engine sound!) and even more fun to demolish, Blade is an 80s styled American racing car that looks way too fast even when standing still, and Stepvan is a pop culture classic with which you're going to be not only serving maximum damage but ice cream! And if you're not into ice cream, fret not, because sure enough we've got bonus paint jobs for all your utilitarian needs. This DLC pack is included in Season Pass 2 so if you're lucky enough have that, you're already good to go!

We're also actively working on improving the gameplay experience based on your feedback, and this release contains a number of additional enhancements and bug fixes. We invite you to check out the release notes below for a complete summary of items fixed or improved upon. As always, thanks for all the feedback and please keep it coming!


Game version

PS4: 1.92

  • Added support for the new DLC pack "Reckless Car Pack" containing three new cars: Blade, Gorbie and Stepvan.
  • Added two new tracks: Wrecknado Racing Track and Wrecknado Demolition Arena.
    Server admins note: the internal designations for the routes are urban09_1 (Racing Track) and urban09_2 (Demolition Arena).
  • New tournament season: Wrecknado.
  • New taxi cab themed reward bundle "Taxi Wrecker" for Rammer RS.
  • New drag racing themed reward bundle "Drag 55" for Bulldog.
  • (XB1) Leaderboard updates are now more reliable.
  • (XB1) [ROLLING OUT SOON] Leaderboards are displayed for all tracks.
  • [XB1/PS4]Added a Team Racing & Derby Mixed server. Be sure to let us know if you like it!
  • Player no longer gets kicked mid-event when they start holding down throttle before the event starts.
  • (Dedicated Server) Increased admin_steam_ids and op_steam_ids maximum parameter size to 1024 characters.
  • Improved Rocket RX handling.
  • Improved Sofa Car handling.
  • Added the Rocket stock exhaust as an option for Rocket RX.
  • A number of small special vehicles no longer receive unexpected amounts of damage.
  • Improved Bumper Car performance to make it a Class C vehicle like its peers.
  • Upgrade parts now correctly follow the deformed shape of the vehicle.
  • Fixed Starbeast SS reversing light glitch.
  • Raven steel mesh is now correcly visible in all LOD levels.
  • Fixed inconsistent Hornet bumper weights.
  • Fixed inconsistent Killerbee S bumper weights.
  • Boomer/Boomer RS: Increased RPM safety limit to prevent sounds from cutting of at engine redline in some cases.
  • Razor: Adjusted camera-view based audio filtering settings of turbocharger whine to include less high frequency content over mid-to-high engine rpm range.
Happy wrecking!
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I'm really looking forward to putting some russian Hardbass on for driving the Lada.
I love the fact that we got a third-gen Firebird / Camaro after someone suggested it in one of the threads about new vehicles.
I appreciate the effort that went into liveries and styles, excellent job.
I like how add-on bumpers look more integrated with the newer vehicles.
What's up with snow tracks for multiplayer and custom events?


Damn, snowy tracks are removed? I was sure they would have been include in multiplayer modes.. Snow tracks have been claimed by community, then finally (partially) offered. They are fantastic and now.. they are taken back?
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Loving it! Seeing new content for Wreckfest is always very exciting and hopefully you can continue to support it even after Season Pass 2.

next-gen update for console-wreckers
*cough* :D

–> many reviewers would then do a Wreckfest 2021 update and combined with the great content from season 1-2 the coverage surely will be very positive
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Hey Team Bugbear and Janne. It's Ricky, I'm happy with this update and I just love the direction the team is taking with this game. You guys are focusing on something truly fun and something that is just a blast to play. And for that I thank everyone over there from the bottom of my heart for making my dream racing game. I was a huge fan in the FlatOut days and now I'm a Wreckfest fan. Please continue to improve the game and continue to add all sorts of fun things to do! Kudos to Team Bugbear for making the game great on console too so both PC and Console users can enjoy it. It has every vehicle that I could ever want in a driving game.


A wonderful update, everything is cool and I like everything, but why another 8-shaped track? 3 tracks in a row in the form of an eight. Soon there will be fewer normal maps than eights. Seriously though, I deliberately do not pass the daily tests if there is an eight, because they are annoying. Let them be, but then add a normal racing map in the add-on, because getting constantly on board at the center is not pleasant masochism for everyone.
Only thanks to corrections and a new pack of cars with Lada, I remained calm. Bugbear, please add at least one map without an eight, that's all I ask. Okay not everything, we need presets for cars, so as not to waste time changing the configuration of 30 cars on the server, Снимок.PNGand people also want this feature in the game. Thanks in advance!


Gorbie :D :D That is the car they should have use to drive him around..
The Blade is very very nice thou! And always like to see more paint jobs as tournament reward.
In addition to cosmetics for the bulldog, they added dredge parts, an engine and wheels. It seems to me that for this you need to give not 10k fame, but 20 (I think this is the most fair price). The BB underestimated that potential, but what they added was just a brain explosion.


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A wonderful update, everything is cool and I like everything, but why another 8-shaped track?
I have seen multiple online games go down this path where DLCs and addons are geared towards short-term fun with a shallow learning curve. Tracks with intersections that are meant to induce more collisions are for the type of person who wants the maximum amount of chaos on their screen. The type of person who plays open world games only to destroy stuff without ever doing any missions. The type of person who joins a match in a MOBA or arena shooter and immediately goes AFK when their team is losing. The type of person who can spend an entire week in an MMO without doing any measurable progress. The type of person who thinks Michael Bay movies are the pinnacle of storytelling. I doubt this type of person represents the core audience of Wreckfest.

Janne Suur-Näkki

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To be honest, the new track is pretty unique compared to the ones we already have.

But that's really beside the point, I think. We like to listen to the player feedback and try to keep our finger on the pulse of our player base so to speak to know what kind of content is wished for, and while it's naturally impossible to please everyone all the time, we try to keep it fair and add tracks that are varied in nature to cater to as many players as we can. So, some of them are more geared towards racing, like Eagles Peak was, while others are more tailored for wrecking, like Wrecknado. We feel like that's one unique aspect to Wreckfest, that it can work for many different types of players and gameplay.

And sure enough, the next new track will be something else again.

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I downloaded the update and while I'm able to access the new tournament modes and Wrecknado track, for some reason the new DLC cars haven't appeared. I checked the DLC store, and they're not there either. Are the DLC cars not available in the UK yet?

Janne Suur-Näkki

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Do you still see the previous DLC in the store? Is your user account set to European region as well? I assume we would have many more reports if this was a more wide spread issue. Note that after you find the DLC in the store, you will need to install it separately even if you own the Season Pass.