XB1/PS4/PC: Version released

Janne Suur-Näkki

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A number of frustrating niggles were found in the previous Wasteland Wreckers update, and since we would prefer to keep the game in tip-top shape for you we broke out our virtual brooms and showed bugs the door. While at it, we also threw in a couple of other improvements for the good measure. Please check below for a summary of items fixed or improved upon in this release.


Game version

PS4: 1.72
PC: 1.267195
  • (XB1) A pink Borg cube no longer appears on Dirt Devil Stadium.
  • A number of career special events can be now started correctly.
  • Fixed a bug which caused tournament damage settings break after tuning the car in the pre-race screen.
    This specific bug made Score Streak and Rampage Rush events very tricky.
  • Fixed misleading HUD info in the Wreck Hell and Ripper Raid events.
  • Installing Bullet fender cuts now correctly removes front flares.
  • Fixed clipping issues with Razor customization parts and added missing fender flares.
  • Installing RoadSlayer GT large rear spoiler now removes the stock spoiler completely.
  • Removed duplicate Sofa Car tailpipe.
  • Improved Big Rig AI competitiveness.
  • Improved Killerbee S AI competitiveness.
  • Added "Random Large Special" AI Set.
Thanks for your support everyone, and happy racing!


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Can you replace hell ride with finncross in mixed lobbies, hell ride tends to empty an entire lobby if it wins the vote.
Fairfield grass needs to changed back to death match aswell.


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Online, deathmatch derbys a lot more popular. You got 20+ lobby, guys want be hitting something, not being DNF and watching match for 5 mins.