XB1/PS4: Version released

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We're actively working on improving the gameplay experience based on the feedback. Please find below a summary of items fixed or improved upon in this release.


Game version

PS4: 1.44

  • Tournament details are now displayed properly and the player result registered correctly.
  • AI Harvester is no longer faster than player harvester.
  • Idle detection now works again so players idling in a multiplayer event will be kicked after a period of inactivity.
  • Adjusted lawnmower engine sound for louder offload volume.
  • Mixdown adjustments for driver contact sounds.
  • Audio asset size optimizations for driver contact sounds.
  • Driver body-to-ground contact sounds now change according to vehicle road surface.
  • Tighter volume roll-off based on camera distance (max. audible range 20 meters / ~65.6 feet).
  • Added distance based playback prioritization to driver contact sounds.
  • Added triggering delay randomization to increase variety with driver contact sound sequences.
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Still not working on PS4. My score shows but trophy requirements still stuck on loading. Will we getthe fame missing from last week's challenge?


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Weekly and season event results still not showing up on ps4, weeklys will load leaderboard but not target scores, season event (doom rig) doesnt load either. I also havent been getting any fame points for the weeklys, even after the event ends i was in the top 300 last week(should be good for something right?), no fame points rewarded at all. If this doesnt get fixed nobody will have enough fame points to get the top reward....sad

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Hopefully the Dragslayers strength is on the to do list, because online it they're far too strong and take so many hits just to kill them....thats with a armored grand duke.
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PS4 leaderboards are still not working. I also did not receive any rewards despite being top 100-150 in the last challenges.

The tournament is an awesome update and great way to actually use all the cars and I was looking forward to this update. Sadly it didn't fix the issue it was supposed to.


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Wondering when the track selection going to be updated? me n my group of friends are getting fed up of the same track selection in mixed servers.