XB1: Version Released

Janne Suur-Näkki

Staff member
  • Car Pack 1 is now available.

  • Game no longer freezes after repeatedly changing tuning in online lobby.

  • Loading screens are correctly displayed between career events with heat races.

  • Lawnmower and other ragdoll vehicles can no longer be controlled without the driver.

  • Added one new alternative controller preset as per request.

o T00L o

New Member
I don't know if it would be a big hassle, but would it be possible to invert "Y" camera movement, and also and a way to assign our own button and analog settings? I love the up and down shift on the shoulder buttons, brake on LT, Gas RT, A handbrake, X reset, Y clutch, and B look behind. I just figured it might be easier to let us have the option to put at least the digital buttons with our own assignments,... I understand the difficulty of analog triggers and Sticks. Awesome game guys! Keep it Wreckin'!!


Full time wrecker
Wingman strength needs reworking it dies so easily in a race/DD even with max armour upgrades installed.
We've nickname it 'Swiss cheese' lately because of how quickly it can be wrecked