Xbox One: Muddigger Style 5 Tires Reward Still Broken!!


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It has been known that the style 5 tire reward has been an issue on all platforms... This is known. I've been here and read these issues looking for answers myself..
Pc users get a Hot fix.. Or can restart the campaign, use the free market mod and be back at it in no time. Cool for them. Why even worry to much when they have mods?

Sept 3: "The console versions will receive this change in the next patch, possibly later this week."- muddiger style 5 tires/replaying Redneck Rage for correct awards.- awesome!

Well that did NOT happen, and has yet to happen for me anyways. I have 100% well actually 99.999% completed the game because the dang tires. I have completed every single event and event goals 100%. Yet I am missing the front style Five tires.
A friend has recently started the game and has received the reward tires - so there was some kind of fix for players who started playing after the patch or hadn't advanced far enough to be affected before the patch.
I have replayed "Redneck Rage" so many times with different vehicle variations its sickening. Winning first and completing both goals. Winning first and completing the spin out goal only. winning first and completing the 1000 damage goal only. Winning first and not completing any goals. Winning first and spinning out the whole field nearly or damaging far above the 1000 damage goal. Unless I'm reimbursed for my time already spent I'm not deleting/restarting my progress, no free market mods or short cuts for us console players.

Developers have dropped 2 dlc's already, Retro Rammers Car Pack and Goofy Roofs Pack but haven't fixed this issue. WOULD YOU JUST ALLOW US TO PURCHASE THE MUDDIGGER STYLE FIVE REWARD TIRES ALREADY OR FIX IT.

Janne Suur-Näkki

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The fix was deployed as mentioned in the previous update, but we learned only after the update was pushed out that there are a number of users for which the fix won't yield a solution, and apparently you are one of those users. That said, we will be giving it another go in the next update.

Sorry for the inconvenience.