Your dream Flatout game in 10 bullets


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Being a Flatout game there are a few things that automatically would make the cut: There will be racing, there will be derbies, there will be crashing/great damage. What are 10 other features that would make the perfect FO game for you? It doesn't matter if the features are realistically possible or not. Assume they have budget as big as GTA V.

This is how my dream FO would look:

- Forza handling with limited traction control and a bit more speed.
- Far Cry 2/3 level editor.
- Elder Scrolls level moddability.
- Full blown character creator for ragdolls.
- In car view.
- Hundreds of tracks including real world locations and tracks with multiple crossings.
- Hundreds of vehicles of all varieties including bikes, trucks and other such unusual options.
- Realistic water physics.
- 20-30 cars on track all with unique drivers/personalities.
- An in depth replay editor.


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10 bullet points? Time to get creative 8)

-Realistic looking demo derby cars (no glass, no side-view mirrors and cheap paintjobs made from spray paint cans)
-Customizable drivers that get tossed out from the windshield
-DeRP Showdown-like tracks (tracks with banners, fireworks, laser shows, LED screens, concert stages, blimps and other festival stuff)
-Lots of creative game modes for both SP and MP (car soccer, CTF, tag, team demo derbies, gladiators, pong races and hunter vs prey)
-A Street Rod/Street Legal-esque car builder (just like in NCG) and a paint-job editor
-Cockpit view
-Accessible to keyboards
-At least one song from Yellowcard or Rise Against
-16-20 drivers with stupid nicknames
-Photo mode during races and replays


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dbs213 said:
10 bullet points? Time to get creative 8)

-Realistic looking demo derby cars ( ...... cheap paintjobs made from spray paint cans)

Now there an idea I have not seen talk about yet and would be nice to be in NCG and I have not seen in other racing games.

To be able to spray paint your demo car! Throw a bucket of paint on it! :) :) :) :)

Edit: If Bugbear were to do this, Bugbear could have the ugliest derby car contest ( screenshot ). Like we have at the Yakima Speedway 4th July derby. :D


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  • Adrenaline-pumping music
  • Spectacular crashes
  • Both serious and whimsical
  • LAN
  • Online
  • Splitscreen

That about sums it up.


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-awesome graphics
-flatout 2 style soundtrack, some big names
-lots of visual customization
-at least 12 AI cars
-great track variety: night tracks, urban, small towns
-bring back fan favorite mini games, some new ones too
-bugbear must constantly check forums for problems found with game like bugs, exploits in order to fix them quickly
-mod friendly: tracks, cars, game modes, graphics