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The base word for exclusive is exclude, as in, others would be excluded from getting it.
#1. Don't own a PC.
#2. Didn't know Wreckfest was coming to Xbone a year and a half late, nor did I see any preorders for PC. (Wasn't concerned)
#3. I honestly thought the stock Bandit was just an unclockable PC vehicle, not yet released in our DLC packs.
I just hope Somehow Stuntfest gets added to console as a, "run as is", title. I'd love to do some high flying death defying crashes!


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Can do that now using EJ server tracker web page:

Click on the server in the list, will open to server and show you who in the server at that moment. :)



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Bugbear had to limit the consoles to 16 players online. 24 players is too much. The consoles struggle with 4 players online in the beganning when Bugbear was getting online working with the consoles. :O

Even on the PC side, 24 players can be to much if server computer is too wimpy and you need a fast, big pipe to the internet to handle the major data flow with 24 players online smashing their cars all at once!!
More British uk classic car lookalikes.

Ford Capri
Ford Sierra
Ford mk2 Granada estate (sweeper)
Nissan Bluebird + estate
Nissan Primera + estate
Saab 900

All well known on the uk banger scene


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My latest irritation is people who drive on ovals and just hug the outside wall, as it is actually faster than driving the course properly.
Needs to be stopped in game.


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- Fast loading, 60fps or both together in a upgrade for Xbox Series X / PS5 players
- Custom Soundtrack or an option to select / unselect songs (the instrumental ones are great, the rest not so)
- Replay a race without constantly to go back to the Head-menu (without loss of points)


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# Set server update frequency to low or high

I think "high" means 60 Hz. Can we have new values like 120 Hz? Current values are 20, 30 and 60 Hz.

Of course bigger numbers take more bandwith from dedicated server, but if you have 100 Mbps or bigger output, it do not make problem. Or those who have good & fast network, may try and may be take a buttersmooth driving/ racing.


Would love to see an official Wreckfest police pursuit/cops and robbers mode, perhaps implemented into the career. A 1966 Cadillac Sedan De Ville would be great on the vehicle side.


Bugbear had to limit the consoles to 16 players online. 24 players is too much. The consoles struggle with 4 players online in the beganning when Bugbear was getting online working with the consoles. :O

Even on the PC side, 24 players can be to much if server computer is too wimpy and you need a fast, big pipe to the internet to handle the major data flow with 24 players online smashing their cars all at once!!
Yes, I hope there will be a port on PS5 able to handle 24 cars in multi. It would be amazing.


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#1. The ability to create and customize a single player racing series, including types of tracks, number of laps, types of cars. This would, in affect, give the game endless replay value for people like me who long since finished the unsatisfying single player content currently in the game.

#2. VR support!


No offense but I sincerely, earnestly, wholeheartedly wish, hope, pray that there will never ever in a million years be things like nitrous, power-ups, temporary boost or weaponized vehicles added to Wreckfest.

If we get downforce, i'd like to see a line in server config that allows banning it, just like you can ban special vehicles. That way we can pick a server just like now when we pick a server based on damage setting and reverse limiter.

Also, I'm starting to think there needs to be a line in server options where you can ban a list of regular vehicles. I can imagine some server admins would like to ban the Super Venom because, well, it's basically a tubeframe IMSA Corvette that goes for a seven figure dollar sum at Sotheby's car auctions.
I'd instantly ban the Raiden RS since it has some sort of black magic Star Wars Sith Force beam that connects it to the core of the planet so that it cannot be pushed out of the way even by a Vandal that is twice as heavy, also it seems to be made of some sort of Starship Enterprise composite armor that refuses to take damage. It feels like the development of the Raiden RS was outsourced to Rockstar Games, it's like Red Dead Online's Paint it Black ability card or GTA Online's Oppressor MkII flying pest bike, "press this button to win".

On a constructive note, I'd like to see a Steel & Wheels Second Edition DLC with balanced armor options ranging from 50 to 80 kilograms and the custom wheels from the first Steel & Wheels DLC but with different colours / chrome / tyre prints.
Also, I'd love to see more true race-focused tracks without intersections.


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Glad I found this message board! First post here.
First off, I love this game, it's the best racing game that I have personally played. I apologize if some things on my list are just little things I haven't figured out yet.

1. Mute all option in the chat. Going through a player list and muting each one is annoying. I could open a private chat on the PS4, but sometimes I get into a lobby where there are players just chatting normally, and don't want to have to close the chat down and have to set it up again later.
2. The mini-map...I would like the option to see the entire track layout while I'm racing.
3. Get rid of the vote to kick option. As others mentioned, people, including myself, get kicked for doing nothing but playing and having fun, or simply winning races.
4. Also, is there a way to open a private server for Demolition? I would love to set up my own server with options of my choice. When I open a server, I can't seem to see a way to do that.

I also think night racing, and for a funny vehicle, maybe shopping carts? I mean, if we have the option for an outhouse, why not a shopping cart? I would also like to see more tracks. Overall it has been a long time since I have found and enjoyed a racing game like this. I was so bored with the games I had, and I found this on PSNOW and bought it a few days later, and glad I did!


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Would like some more wheel options here as well, perhaps a bit more chrome options & other colors then red & black, maybe gold bbs inspired ones, some turbo fan rims,.

Or perhaps Paintable wheels in all styles found in the steel & wheels dlc & perhaps future content, if it becomes a dlc id wager it would need something a little bit extra then that though on it's own.

Instead of them being a separate option for a dark blue or whatever that version of the Diablo rim is, it's just a 4th slider in the paint job section that does the rims themselves with an option too change front or rear separately.

Also first time posting here after lurking for a bit.

Perhaps in a future update allow servers too create specific events in between all map votes like a " mini special's mayhem "
Where it's racing on Hellride with the lawnmowers, honeycombs etc...
As a loaner everyone is forced too just as a bit more lighthearted goofy racing instead of repeating these same tracks.

Maybe that can be extended too server specific loaners instead of kicking people off that didn't get too pick a car in time as the race starts, it can default too like a C,B,A class that's near the end of B & C class if the server is limited too that like say a rocket at C 163 or Starbeast at B 234, & the Speedbird with A class at 307 for example or perhaps to non dlc cars if someone doesn't happen too have them.

Players picking fast cars or corner bombing something like this happens instead, also do provide an update that will let players & servers pick the winter tracks.
Some people kind of hates it but so far fun against the AI in tournaments in most races, bit difficult too build up speed too make combos happen for me in the destruction derby stuff.

Time trials i kind of suck at though as well, specially on winter tracks.
Might be a bit more manageable with assists on but haven't bothered trying with them on beyond abs here.

Also is it intentional that the automatic gearbox if you happen too not use the throttle as the timer hits go + at the start of a race it shifts down into neutral and you just stand in place in 1st or neutral gear supposedly before suddenly taking off it's really strange.

Also do add in perhaps a few 5 cylinder cars or engine options & perhaps some more offroad inspired vehicles.

Like a cross between a rat rod & sandrail would look badass & perhaps a smaller special of this as a crosskart with like a 150 km/h top speed that you can add up too 3 armor onto at the cost of ofc acceleration & handling as any other car its barely smaller then the .

Can call the big one the Outlaw xl giving it a longer wheelbase, a lower roofline, independent front suspension & rear axle like the muddigger can probably be borrowed from that model.

The smaller one can be called pocketlaw in line with the pocketrocket.
I'd also like too see some higher top speed out of the pocketrocket & other small specials as you upgrade the power on them as with higher horsepower you usually get way higher rpm irl too.

Also for the small specials you can probably make the ragdolls wear some items like the unicorn around the waist, the hats in resized versions on top of their helmets that can perhaps fly off when you get hit & some roofline options resized and put onto the hood or similar on the small specials.

Also for April Fools day perhaps a free mini kart out of the rubber duck accessory that can have the same stats as the lawnmower with a slightly higher top speed of like 137 km/h & paint-able with various decals too pick that gives it like anime eyes, an eyepatch & scruff with a painted on bandana, a painted on mustache & monocle etc... think people would have plenty of fun with that.


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I'm not an MP gamer, I always prefer the single player experience. As such, I would love a remixed SP career mode that incorporates the new tracks. Like a season 2 career.