1. H

    Dirtshot bundle PS5 missing most of items, says not owned.

    As per title, I just paid for the Dirtshot bundle with 20k of fame and only received the bumpers and engine upgrade. No wheels, livery, etc.
  2. D

    Bugged secret achievement

    the last achievement I have to do doesn't pop up at all(or I probably bugged it after I left early or smth) even if I am sure I did wreck myself over 100 times throughout my 40+ hours and even counted until 100 in a single playthrough as I kept wrecking myself fast in derbies... can you please...
  3. V

    "Drag 55" Tournament Skin for Bulldog: 2 Bugs to Report

    Bug #1: The exhaust cosmetic is under the engine upgrade section, and ramps the rating of the car to over 500, with a vastly different performance output from the original Race Engine.
  4. V

    Warwagon - Digger wheels, front and back, cause stat changes

    Does not happen on any other wheels for the vehicle. Visual items are not meant to change stats.
  5. EmDzei

    [SOLVED] My Lawn mover top speed is only 106 km/h (65.865 mph)

    After using Showroom Lawn mover mod I have had this problem. Showroom mod can change your look to metallic paint, but it can change your engine upgrades too. After using this mod, awhile ago, I haven't had my top speed with lawn mover anymore. What I have done to trying solve this situation: -...
  6. S

    Fatal Error data/art/textures/spectators_sitting_n.bmap

    just purchased the game and finished installing this afternoon. I went to start my first game and as it gets to 25-30% it pops up the fatal error and exits the entire game. is there a fix or anything to solve this or do I have to wait 8 hours to redownload it after I uninstall? any help would...
  7. H

    Problems with steering wheel + pedals

    Hello Bugbear, I've recently bought Wreckfest (loved flatout 1 and 2). I've encountered a problem with wreckfest, I am trying to play with an old logitech wingman formula force steering wheel. It is all set up and recognized by wreckfest for getting the directions and so right. But whenever I...
  8. Shade_of_KinG

    My record has been reset

  9. Nitronik

    Minor graphical issue : Duplicate Rear bumper on Little Trasher

    ISSUE When installing armor upgrades, bumpers on Little Thrasher are duplicated DESCRIPTION Chained Steel Beam Rear Bumper is applied on top of the default Bumper on Little Thrasher. This does not seem to apply to any other car, be it DLC or base game - e.g. Grand Duke has its default bumper...
  10. CMFT93

    Shadows break performance?

    Hello BB and Community, today I wanted to point out a potential issue with the shadows in WF, as I did see a number of threads discussing the same issue on Steam as well, but they never really came to a conclusion or anything it seemed. So, I did a bunch of testing on the matter and combined...
  11. BilboBaggyBawz

    Game refuses to load after startup

    so ive had this game for ages now. Played it across my previous 3 computers. However, now it fails to load past the very first load screen. It reaches the load screen and then thats it, no loading bar etc shows up, the game just hangs and never loads. Ive deleted everything related to wreckfest...
  12. P

    I have a minor bug using the thrustmaster t300 rs racing wheel

    I had just got the T300 RS but no matter what I try to do when the wheel is connected it will switch views at random and pause the game in a middle of an event. This is not game breaking but a very annoying bug.
  13. B

    Fatal Error

    So I just bought Wreckfest on Steam, after the game crashed violently after changing graphics settings the first time (The screen suddenly wasn't getting any signal and I had to reset my pc entirely), The game no longer starts! I get past the splash screens and to the loading screen, after which...
  14. D

    Star progress disappears in championship view

    While scrolling series to enter, the stars progress for each series disappears. It also disappears from the other views once in the series. The only way to get it back is to restart the game. Please see attached screenshots.
  15. S

    Very weird PS4 Error

    I tried to buy the speeddemon on PS4 and the attached error (which was flashing red around the edge) came up. I've never seen an error like this (with C drive path) on a console. When pressing down on the D pad (thought I'd try) it actually crashed my whole PS4. I tried again buying the car...