1. J

    Can we get a sprint car or modifieds?

    Can we get an actual sprint car in this game? Or even a modified? pretty please? That dirt oval is begging for this car.
  2. Fiammanera628

    1st import car mod

    Hello everybody, I'm new to Wreckfest modding and I want to try to do a vehicle (car) mod, an import from Need for Speed Payback. But I don't know where to start to do this mod; someone can help me? :) I use 3DS Max 2019 (if is needed, I try to find a older version of 3DS Max) :)
  3. K

    Pink Cars Issue

    ISSUE Some cars in the game are pink... DESCRIPTION Hello ! After the last update, i noticed that some cars appaears to be pink in all races. It seems to be the same cars everytime too... I : - check the integrity cache in Steam - uninstall/reinstall the game - Update my amd Drivers from...