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    Suspected Cheating

    Please review this multiplayer race on PS4: I have seen this kind of "glitching" in online races before, where certain players seem to be able to speed boost themselves, or even throw other players off their game. For example, observe "Cereal_killah18" at 0:35 and "slowa" at 1:00 for the...
  2. Z

    Is there a possible way to get Infinite nitro today ? May, 5th, 2020 ?

    I came back to this game after a while on PC, and I remember when I was younger I used a trainer called the "Unleashed Trainer" Which gave me one of my favorite options ever in a trainer. Unlimited Nitro. I came back thinking that I could just do this again, but I can't find any trainers...
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    Hack Wreckfest Deathmatch Only Dedicated Server

    i was wondering if you guys could look at a server thats become very unstable and i think its do to hack be run by player or players. it freezes car in place and make unable to only go in circles. it a targeted hack that can be use on on individule players. the server was never laggy like it is...