1. M

    Not working after update on PS5

    After update 1.008 game crash on PS5. Many times on end of voting track in multiplayer. Sometimes just crash.
  2. T

    LZ4 decompress failed

    Recently I wanted to play the game and I had the problem at the following time: LZ4 decompress failed:Retval-6,path .............../career.cres and my game doesn't start anymore. That's why I need your help.
  3. S

    Wreckfest will crash my Pc (Fixed)

    So i recently wanted to play the game again and bought the new carpack. But upon starting the game and entering the title screen my monitor looses connection and my pc goes full fighterjet. Only way getting out is turning it off the hard way. I already tried reinstalling, moving to another...
  4. BilboBaggyBawz

    Game refuses to load after startup

    so ive had this game for ages now. Played it across my previous 3 computers. However, now it fails to load past the very first load screen. It reaches the load screen and then thats it, no loading bar etc shows up, the game just hangs and never loads. Ive deleted everything related to wreckfest...
  5. L

    Game crashes on startup with Fanatec pedals plugged in.

    The game will launch and go through the Bugbear, THQNordic, and disclaimer screen, then crashes at the loading screen with Fanatec Clubsport v3 inverteds plugged in. Windows Compatability modes do not remedy the issue. With the pedals unplugged the game loads without issue.
  6. S

    Very weird PS4 Error

    I tried to buy the speeddemon on PS4 and the attached error (which was flashing red around the edge) came up. I've never seen an error like this (with C drive path) on a console. When pressing down on the D pad (thought I'd try) it actually crashed my whole PS4. I tried again buying the car...