dlc missing

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    DLC cars not appearing in garage

    I bought the season 2 pass last night on PC through the microsoft store, only the cars from the latest DLC are showing I am missing the 6 from the previous packs.
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    Getaway cars missing

    I have recently downloaded wreckfest via the xbox game pass on PC. I have also bought the getaway pack to have access to the razor (due to being a resemblance of my dream car). The pack was working perfectly yesterday and this morning but ever since a recent update, I have lost these cars. I...
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    DLC Season Pass Cars are missing

    Hey! Thanks for your attention to my issue! Since first DLC Car Pack has been released i wonder how could i get all of them. The problem is that in Steam Library on the Wreckfest page i can see that i own all the DLCs but in game i can see only the 2 Bandit cars. Could anyone help me to find out...