1. T

    LZ4 decompress failed

    Recently I wanted to play the game and I had the problem at the following time: LZ4 decompress failed:Retval-6,path .............../career.cres and my game doesn't start anymore. That's why I need your help.
  2. S

    Fatal Error data/art/textures/spectators_sitting_n.bmap

    just purchased the game and finished installing this afternoon. I went to start my first game and as it gets to 25-30% it pops up the fatal error and exits the entire game. is there a fix or anything to solve this or do I have to wait 8 hours to redownload it after I uninstall? any help would...
  3. D

    Connection error in servers

    I have recently acquired the game and I have only been playing for 2 hours in single player mode without problems, but when trying to find a server it takes a long time to find them and if I try to join a server where my friends are, it tells me "connection error". I have opened the ports that I...
  4. S

    Missign of Invalid header in save/assists.aids

    hello guys, since a few weeks i always get that error while trying to start Wreckfest. I allready tryed to delete the assists files out of the backup folders. (and yes i also disabled the steam cloud for wreckfest) But it did not work. Please help me to fix that problem. Thank you! Kind...
  5. BilboBaggyBawz

    Game refuses to load after startup

    so ive had this game for ages now. Played it across my previous 3 computers. However, now it fails to load past the very first load screen. It reaches the load screen and then thats it, no loading bar etc shows up, the game just hangs and never loads. Ive deleted everything related to wreckfest...
  6. B

    Fatal Error

    So I just bought Wreckfest on Steam, after the game crashed violently after changing graphics settings the first time (The screen suddenly wasn't getting any signal and I had to reset my pc entirely), The game no longer starts! I get past the splash screens and to the loading screen, after which...
  7. L

    Game won't work because of bug

    Hi! For the past 2 days I've been unable to play Wreckfest, because it keeps crashing. When I open it, a small window comes up to adjust the graphics and when I press play there comes this error: "Could not open file for writing save/settings.conf". I'd like to play the game again. Please help!
  8. S

    Very weird PS4 Error

    I tried to buy the speeddemon on PS4 and the attached error (which was flashing red around the edge) came up. I've never seen an error like this (with C drive path) on a console. When pressing down on the D pad (thought I'd try) it actually crashed my whole PS4. I tried again buying the car...