1. A

    Help unpacking Flatout Head On BFS file (PSP)

    I know this would be the wrong forum to post in but there is no forum made specifically for this game, and it's either here (since this game shares some stuff with UC, and the file structure, from what I can tell, is at least somewhat similar to UC) or in the Flatout 2 forums (since this game is...
  2. Heddly

    FlatOut Joint Website Back Up

    FlatOut Joint Website Back Up I have a backup of the FOJ web site just before it closed. I used a webcrawler type program to download and save the .html pages, there is no content like downloads, it is mostly the forum pages. You can test it, start with the index.html to get it to open...
  3. S

    Help with the menu!

    How do I stretch the menu to full screen? (I use a widescreen fix) In FlatOut 2 I just changed the script and everything is cool, but in FlatOut the game crashes! (I used google translate)