1. P

    My Logitech E-x5c19 steering wheel is not detecting rotation in game

    Hi, I have just bought this game on PC but can not get my steering wheel to work. To confirm, I can get the D-pad to turn the car, but the actual rotation on the car will not go through the wheel itself. This applies to when I go to change the key bindings, it won't change if I turn the wheel...
  2. Rasteri

    Golden flames are gone

    Hi, i had awesome golden flames livery/paintjob on my Speedbird, but now i'cant find it anywhere. Maybe i accidentally deleted it somehow during customization. Does anyone know how to get it back? Uninstalling the game didn't work, i also tried verify integrity of game files. Any ideas?
  3. T

    Please help! Wreckfest

    I can not get the game to work on xbox one. It loads but as soon as I click a to start it shuts down and sends me to the home screen. Unplugging my sub's used to work but not now. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple time to no prevail. I dont know what to do from here. Any help would be...
  4. DrLove2k2

    Dear BugBear please read (important)

    Hi Bugbear I play Wreckfest on pc & ps4, I just wanted to ask you guys if its possible to remove the votekick system from the game played on consoles, it literally instagates bad behaviour from people, as you know your game is all ages, and I've noticed people getting kicked by groups of kids /...
  5. K

    UI is difficult and confusing

    Hi All. I'm finding the career menu frustrating to navigate. There's no logical flow to the event and information. Critical details including car restrictions and event rewards are too small. I'm not sure what event I have selected as they all look like one big composite image. Which derby...