1. M

    Wheel damage

    Hi all, I had some good help last time and just wondering if anyone has some more insight for me. Is there a way in Bagedit to change the threshold for wheels lost ---> wrecked. I am trying to change it so the car wrecks after losing 1 wheel or alternatively the car barely moves after losing a...
  2. Z

    Is there a possible way to get Infinite nitro today ? May, 5th, 2020 ?

    I came back to this game after a while on PC, and I remember when I was younger I used a trainer called the "Unleashed Trainer" Which gave me one of my favorite options ever in a trainer. Unlimited Nitro. I came back thinking that I could just do this again, but I can't find any trainers...
  3. Fiammanera628

    1st import car mod

    Hello everybody, I'm new to Wreckfest modding and I want to try to do a vehicle (car) mod, an import from Need for Speed Payback. But I don't know where to start to do this mod; someone can help me? :) I use 3DS Max 2019 (if is needed, I try to find a older version of 3DS Max) :)