1. A

    Help unpacking Flatout Head On BFS file (PSP)

    I know this would be the wrong forum to post in but there is no forum made specifically for this game, and it's either here (since this game shares some stuff with UC, and the file structure, from what I can tell, is at least somewhat similar to UC) or in the Flatout 2 forums (since this game is...
  2. M

    Wheel damage

    Hi all, I had some good help last time and just wondering if anyone has some more insight for me. Is there a way in Bagedit to change the threshold for wheels lost ---> wrecked. I am trying to change it so the car wrecks after losing 1 wheel or alternatively the car barely moves after losing a...
  3. Z

    Is there a possible way to get Infinite nitro today ? May, 5th, 2020 ?

    I came back to this game after a while on PC, and I remember when I was younger I used a trainer called the "Unleashed Trainer" Which gave me one of my favorite options ever in a trainer. Unlimited Nitro. I came back thinking that I could just do this again, but I can't find any trainers...
  4. Fiammanera628

    1st import car mod

    Hello everybody, I'm new to Wreckfest modding and I want to try to do a vehicle (car) mod, an import from Need for Speed Payback. But I don't know where to start to do this mod; someone can help me? :) I use 3DS Max 2019 (if is needed, I try to find a older version of 3DS Max) :)