1. Y

    Yellow_Fantom's Mod

    Hello everyone! I decided to make my own mod for FlatOut 2. Now the mod is not really finished yet, but over time I add new content. Hope you enjoy :) Detailed information about this mod here:
  2. B

    Disable autoreset during race?

    Hi Masters! I hope you can help me. I'm trying to turn off the auto resset of AI. If the AI flyout or overturns, do not resseting back. I found the ResetTimeAir, ResetTimeJam, ResetTimeOutOfTrack line in Common1.bfs\data\settings\game.ini but i don't see any change after I rewrite 999999.0...
  3. d-luX

    How to work with alpha channels?

    Hey guys I need help again. I'm trying to create an oil stain but it doesn't work as expected. Below is a short video which shows what i tried. I hope someone can tell me what i'm doing wrong. PS: Photoshop CS2 doesn't work properly with Win10 :/ Regards Chris
  4. T

    Specification for bgm format?

    Is there a specification for the model file format used in FOUC or FO2? It would be useful so I could program an open source converter or Blender i/o plugin. I know about the Zmodeler. but I am unable to parse the zmf format to see how it reads the FO2 files, and I couldn't get it to import the...
  5. AkoiBB

    Engine audio modding bundle (Wwise)

    IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THROUGH This thread is dedicated only to discussion about engine audio modding template (zip) and documentation (pdf) files (later referred to as "bundle") included with PC version of Wreckfest. Besides the game installation folder, you can find the up-to-date versions of...